Financial Aid

Bright Futures

A lottery-funded scholarship program that rewards students for their academic achievement.

Applying for an Award

When do I apply for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship?

For Initial Eligibility the student will:

  • Submit a fully completed, error free Initial Student Florida Financial Aid Application during the last year in high school prior to graduation. The application gives the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) permission to evaluate the student’s high school transcript and standardized test scores for eligibility for a Bright Futures Scholarship and other state scholarships and grants.
  • If you do not apply during your last year in high school, you will forfeit all future eligibility for a Bright Futures Scholarship.

Student Award Renewal

  • A student who receives funding during the current academic year (fall through spring) is automatically evaluated for renewal at the end of the spring term. Renewal institutional cumulative grade point average (GPA) and earned hours requirements are outlined in the table below.
  • You may contact the financial aid team if you are not meeting the renewal requirements to explore the appeal process.
  • The postsecondary institution where a student is enrolled as degree- or certificate-seeking is the home postsecondary institution. That postsecondary institution determines the courses to be included in each student’s renewal postsecondary institutional cumulative GPA.
  • A student may request that a financial aid officer at the home postsecondary institution use high school dual enrollment courses, if these courses are to the student's advantage, when calculating the renewal postsecondary institutional cumulative GPA.