Virtual College

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  • Virtual College Orientation

    Each term, the Virtual College offers a no fee, no credit online orientation for new students. The Virtual College Orientation is tailored to help students acquire the skills necessary to succeed in an online course. Watch the video to learn why students benefit from completing the orientation.

  • Netiquette

    Known as netiquette, internet etiquette is a necessary behavior of respect and consideration that is similar the expectations of a face-to-face classroom setting. Watch the video below to learn about several writing and behavioral practices that foster a positive online environment.

  • Tips for Success

    These tips, created by successful online learners and faculty, help online students develop strategies to best prepare themselves from the beginning of the semester. The video below provides a snapshot of effectively managing time, creating positive study habits, and completing and submitting assignments.

  • Virtual College Webinar – Success Tips

    Learn firsthand from Virtual College professors and staff what it takes to succeed in your online classes. They share the 10 most important tips in managing your time, communicating effectively, and completing coursework. Watch the video tailored to help students get a great start to the term.

  • Virtual College Webinar – Preparing for Proctored Assessments

    Since all Virtual College courses require a proctored midterm and/or final assessments, it’s important that students prepare ahead of time. This webinar gives student the opportunity for students to explore the testing options, requirements, and accommodations.

  • VC Course Tour

    Prospective and first-time online students have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with Blackboard’s navigation paths and features. This video walks students through the key components of MDC’s learning management system to help orient learners new to their online experience.