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Proctored Assessments

MDC Online courses require proctored midterm and/or final exams during specified testing dates. The course material will indicate the window of time students have to take the required proctored exams in each course.

Review the dates of your proctored assessment. | Test Your Equipment for ProctorU

  1. First, review your course syllabus/calendar/materials to find out the exact dates MDC Online has set for you to take your assessment. Students will NOT be authorized to test outside of the specified dates or on weekends.
  2. Next, please review the Testing Dishonesty and Behavioral Guidelines and the special testing materials and instructions of each particular exam as defined by your instructor. During the exam, do not access online course content or external websites or use unauthorized materials. Review the Prohibited Items in Testing for more information.
  3. Communicate any special accommodations to your professor and schedule your testing session with your ACCESS coordinator and/or local testing department weeks before your scheduled assessment.
  4. Finally, decide which of the three options you will choose to take the proctored assessment(s), make the necessary arrangements and scheduling with the proctor you have selected, and pay any associated proctoring fees, if applicable.
  5. All students – whether testing at an MDC Testing Center or remotely – are expected to adhere to the highest standards of academic integrity outlined in the Student’s Rights & Responsibilities, and as published in the MDC Student Code of Conduct and the College’s procedure for Academic Dishonesty.