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Before beginning your online academic journey, it's important to consider all aspects that are necessary to have a successful start.

The checklist below is tailored for students who would like step-by-step guidance from selecting courses, registering to beginning their online course.

1. Starter Steps

  • Consider your personal academic goals and which online courses or degree programs you wish to pursue.
  • Contact your assigned advisor or the MDC Online Student Support staff to help answer your questions and to create an advisement plan.
  • Complete the Miami Dade College online application that best describes your residency status and the degree program that interests you.
  • Request high school, GED, and/or previous college transcripts.
  • Apply for financial aid and/or scholarships at least six weeks prior to the start of the term.
  • Your assigned advisor will inform you whether a placement test is required prior to registration.
  • Create myMDC student account to access your new email and your courses in the learning management system.

2. Registration Steps

  • Check the registration timeline to find out the dates in which students are eligible to register for the following term.
  • Register online for the courses that your advisor has planned for you. Please note that students who reside outside of Florida must adhere to state authorization requirements.
  • Once you register, you may review MDC tuition rates. Students must pay all fees by the deadline that appears on the schedule and in the student portal.
  • Login to your email account to verify login and password information. These credentials are the same you will use to access your online courses and the student portal.

3. Course Preparation Steps

  • Review the Attendance and Activity Requirements to understand the expectations of participation in online learning.
  • Once you have enrolled, locate your online course from the list by searching for the course and the reference number. Then click on the 'Details' link on the left column.
  • The Details link offers helpful information about the course competencies, cost, credits, instructor, and required textbook/materials.
  • Students locate textbook information through the student portal – this will clearly display the textbook name and ISBN number. It is recommended students visit the MDC Bookstore website and the MDC Online Fulfillment Center to view and purchase textbooks and any other supplemental materials.
  • Prepare your computer before the term begins by reviewing the learning management system requirements.
  • View online tutorials to gain knowledge of the learning management system experience.
  • Learn about academic resources offered online and in tutoring labs at MDC campuses.
  • Review the Student Rights and Responsibilities for up-to-date information on the College processes.