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Myth versus Reality text

Myths and Realities of Online Learning

Myth Reality
Online classes are easier than face-to-face classes. The courses are challenging since it requires students to use time management, organizational, and college-level reading and writing abilities to complete work.
Students must login and complete coursework during specific times of the day. Online courses are asynchronous – offering students the flexibility and convenience of completing assignments 24/7.
Online courses do not carry the same amount of credits or course competencies as face-to-face classes. MDC Online courses offer the same credits and competencies and are even taught by the same MDC instructors who teach face-to-face.
Students can finish online courses independently in the semester, at their own pace. MDC Online courses are not self-paced. Students must follow the same academic calendar as other courses and adhere to the same assigned dates.
Online students do not receive the same support or academic resources as other students. Students enrolled in online courses receive live, online tutoring at no cost. Through the learning management system, the tutoring is only a click away. They also have help desk and student services support at any time during the term.
No participation is expected from students enrolled in an online course. Students are required to participate in online courses by communicating with classmates and the instructor through discussion forums and other assignments.
Students are not required to authenticate their identity during any of the course assessments. Each course has a required proctored assessment where students must use proper identification to take each exam.